Second Canvas
Colección Telefónica app

iPad/iPhone + Android devices app.

  • 5 masterpieces in super-HD, with super-zoom up to the brushstroke.
  • One photographic 3D object you can rotate and zoom in HD.
  • Amazing stories, detail by detail, told by the museum.
  • Share any artwork detail and tell your own story on social media or via email.
  • Enriched art cards including social conversations around each artwork.
  • Treasure hunts to play and discover hidden stories, with a final selfie+diploma award.
  • TV/projector connection for big screen experience at school and at home (via cable or airplay)
  • Online updates, managed by the museum via Second Canvas Studio (cloud CMS).
  • English and Spanish.

Want to jump into a painting and experience art? The app is already available for iPad, iPhone, tablet and smartphone Android devices.

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Some screenshots about the app and its posibilities.