Second Canvas

Universal app: iPad + iPhone + Android (smartphones & tablets)

  • Super-zoom to explore 8 artworks masterpieces with the best quality and discover hidden details. You will be able to zoom-in beyond the naked eye, up to the brushstroke level, and see the crackle, thanks to their Gigapixel resolution.
  • Infrared, X-ray and Ultraviolet vision for these paintings, also in ultra-HD resolution, to reveal the drawing under the painting and discover the "pentimenti", even on the tiniest details.
  • Discover amazing stories on all Thyssen-Bornemisza masterpieces, detail by detail, told by museum experts: learn about the characters, symbology, technique, or the artist signature.
  • Tell your own stories on social media, selecting the details you want to share in super-high resolution.
  • Connect your iPad/iPhone to your TV at home (via AirPlay, cable) or to the projector at school to see the painting in full screen while interacting with your touch device.
  • Download the details with their stories so they can be accessed even when you’re offline or in airplane mode.

Want to jump into a painting and experience art? The app is already available for iPad, iPhone, tablet and smartphone Android devices.

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Some screenshots about the app and its posibilities.