Convert your images
into an on-demand
browsable format

Have you made high quality digitizations of your collection, but now can’t publish them on your website, app or other formats? Second Canvas can help you with that.

Images that are as big as you want

Second Canvas converts your “super high resolution images” (images of more than 24Mpx) into a browsable format and offers a viewer that loads on demand. Thanks to this, you can publish them in all of your formats, regardless of their size. What does that mean? It means your users can enjoy your artwork on your website, in your app, etc. as never before: they can zoom in incredibly close on any part of the piece they want, and so explore every detail the way they wish, with incomparable quality.

And if the images are smaller

If your images are smaller than 24 Mpx you can also use them with Second Canvas, although the zoom you can enjoy will be more limited, and as a result, you won’t be able to use some of its more advanced functionalities, such as interactive storytelling or superimposed layers. But in spite of this, you’ll be able to enjoy the other options and even create your own app with them.

And if what you need is to digitize your artwork at a greater resolution, *talk to us*. We’re the world’s leading company in super high resolution digitization, and we can offer you different solutions to do it.

And also images in 360º

If you’ve digitized a piece in 360º, we can also use it to to create a 3D style experience, but with photographic quality. A simple way to show your sculptures and other pieces with volume, combined with the power of the other Second Canvas functionalities: zoom, storytelling, etc.