Enrich your images
with multimedia

Being able to browse super high resolution images is amazing. But with Second Canvas, in addition, you can create an interactive experience, enriching your artwork with multimedia content (texts, images, audios, layers, …) that help to interpret them so you can enjoy them even more.

Basic content file

All of your images can include a basic content file, which can have information about the artist, chronology, style, and a general description of the artwork. What’s more, you can also add other useful information here, such as the location of the museum, a list of related art and other related links of interest.


Offer your audience routes for exploring the image, where you can tell them stories about the technique, composition, characters, historical context, and also (why not?) anecdotes and secrets that bring the artwork “closer” in a different way. To this end, in our CMS you will easily be able to select details in the artwork and add the information you want: texts, images, vídeos… The result: an interactive, multimedia guided visit that will allow your public to peruse the artwork, jumping from one detail to another, and which will offer an enjoyable experience and a better interpretation of the chosen work of art.

*Only for images whose resolution is higher than 24Mpx


Do you have an infrared version of your work of art? Perhaps X-ray or another viewing format? With Second Canvas you can add these versions to your artwork so your users can switch from one to another,and so discover hidden details, not visible in the final work: pentimentos, preliminary sketches, etc.

*Only for images whose resolution is higher than 24Mpx

Multi-language CMS

These interactive experiences can be built, thanks to a very easy-to-use CMS, which requires no technical knowledge of any kind. In just a few steps, create the experience you want, and update published content whenever you need. Our CMS permits you to administer the content of your images in as many languages as are required, including those with non Latin-script alphabets (Cyrillic, Kanji, Arabic,…).

Audiotours *

Build a cinematic experience with a narration to accompany the visitor throughout a visit all around the artwork. To do this, as with the storytelling function, you can link, in a simple way, bits of audio with details of the work, so that in the end you have a “guided visit” of it, similar to a video, but with the interactive (zoom) capability of our images.

*Only for images whose resolution is higher than 24Mpx