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Madpixel’s extraordinary ultra-HD gigapixel images make great art interactive. Even the smallest details of a brushstroke are visible in highest quality.
  • Discover details hidden to the naked eye while exploring the artwork “with your fingertips”, using super-zoom, ultraviolet, infrared and x-ray vision.
  • Enjoy highlighted stories about specific sections of the painting with interactive audio, video and text from museum experts and curators.
  • Collections and temporary exhibits. Even "digital exhibits" featuring museum artwork selections: portraits, landscapes of flowers, paintings with horses, or even art containing moustaches.


How can I discover all the best parts of a museum? Can a visit be both educational and fun?
  • Now you can go on "treasure hunts" created by the museum. Get the most out of your visit by learning through your own experience.
  • Match the color of a certain robe, draw and discover a hidden character, count how many women are in a specificpainting and, as your “badge”, get the treasure of the stories behind the clues.
  • Play and interact with the artwork, become an expert and receive your "diploma" for each exhibition treasure hunt played. Then share it with your friends. Art is so serious that it really should be fun.


Share your experiences: tell other users about your favorite artwork, the “treasure hunt” badges you’ve won or the impact a high-resolution detail of a painting has made on you...
  • Share the details you discover in a gigapixel image and tell your own stories.
  • React to what other users are saying about a painting with the integrated timelines for featured paintings on each “Art Card” using hashtags for the paintings.
  • Tell your friends about your experience playing "Threasure hunts" and share your diplomas.
  • Discover the conversations museums create about new exhibitions, or 140-character online lessons, even live events, right inside the app. Join in and be a part of it all.


Universal app: iPad + iPhone + Android (smartphones & tablets)

  • Bosch masterpieces of Museo del Prado in Gigapixel format (best quality, best resolution ever), including The Garden of Early Delights Triptych, The Haywain Triptych, The Adoration of the Magi Triptych, and the Table of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • All triptychs including both opened and closed doors digitizations.
  • Amazing stories, detail by detail, told by the museum.
  • Super-zoom, X-ray and IR vision, showing hidden changes from the final versión ("pentimenti")
  • Social features: hare what you discover in the ultra-HD images, on FB, TW and email.
  • Enriched art cards
  • TV/projector connection for big screen experience at school and at home (via cable or airplay)
  • English and Spanish.


Want to jump into a painting and experience art? The app is already available for iPad, iPhone, tablet and smartphone Android devices.

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iPad + iPhone universal app.

  • The main cave paintings in Ekain, including Zaldei (the most perfect set of horses in all Quaternary Art), captured in super-high resolution, to explore them to their smallest detail.
  • Panoramic views (360) of different sections of the cave, with access to specific digitizations in super-high resolution (gigapixel) of different elements.
  • A guided tour, detail by detail, through the paintings.
  • Possibility of sharing any detail of a painting and tell your own story on social networks or by email.
  • Ability to connect to a TV or a projector for a full screen experience at school and at home (via cable or airplay).
  • Online updates, managed by the Basque Government via Second Canvas Studio (our cloud CMS).
  • In Basque, Spanish, French and English.


Want to jump into a painting and experience art? The app is already available for iPad and iPhone.


Second Canvas
Museo del Prado app

Second Canvas - STUDIO



Second Canvas Studio (the online CMS) provides museums with full content control in multi-device apps, over everything from new temporary or digital exhibits to play&learn games, social conversations, museum information and the details and interactive elements of a gigapixel image. Just prepare a pack of new content and publish it. It will reach user devices without having to re-send the app to the AppStore/GooglePlay for approval. So simple, so powerful. The museum manages the content using Second Canvas Studio and then the resulting files are transferred to the museum’s server. This way museums have all the data the app needs to work on their own servers.