List of Second Canvas apps published to date

Hi everyone! Our post today includes a request that we have received from time to time and that, currently, with the crisis caused by the  coronavirus, is getting usual. Many

Second Canvas as an in-gallery interpretation solution

How 5 different institutions have already used Second Canvas as an in-gallery interpretation solution.

How to use Second Canvas as an educational platform

After having explained how to use Second Canvas as a tool to set up a digital exhibition, in this post we will talk about how to use it as an

Second Canvas Exhibition «Living at the speed of light»

As we explained in our previous entry on digital exhibitions, Marrakech was the city where we organized the second one.

Second Canvas Exhibition “A digital experience: 7 Works, 7 Museums”

This solution provides cities and museums of any size with an easy and intuitive way to build exhibitions with digital versions of works of art.

A window onto Europe. The Second Canvas Himsel Museum app in museological perspective

Published by Creative Museum and The Mad Pixel Factory, the Second Canvas Himsel Museum app has been rightly advertised as a tool for exploring 6 museum masterpieces in super high-resolution

Download new Second Canvas apps for each of these 4 institutions participating in our scModules project

We are thrilled to announce new Second Canvas apps for 5 of the Mexican institutions that are participating in scModules project

Digitizing at Carmen Thyssen Museum

A new entry about our experience at Carmen Thyssen Museum

Images of the work of art

Is it possible to provide a complementary value to the aesthetic experience of contemplating a work of art by looking at an image of it? At Madpixel we believe it is.

Second Canvas details

Second Canvas super-zoom is one of the first features to impact new users.